Ib Mattic – Artist of the Month (March 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ib Mattic is a young musical HipHop legend coming up in the city of Newark NJ. Ib Mattic is noted as one of the most talented young artist in his era from his lyrical metaphors to his harmony note holding or his well orchestrated tracks he produces himself. Ib Mattic has been groomed by his father Push Buttons who is also known as a HipHop legend in the tri-state area for his lyrics and tracks. Push Button has dedicated his life to creating a family owned record label to assist his son Ib Mattic along in his musical career. Push Button has taught his son all he knows helping to mold him into his own brand.

Ib Mattic Made his debut on Rick Ross “Winning Circle” ft. Misty Blanco The song was produced by DJ International Wigg and the song has charted in Europe as the number 1 HipHop record of 2019 holding the number one spot for 6 months straight allowing the stars Rick Ross, Misty Blanco, & Ib Mattic a Grammy Nomination for 2020.

Ib Mattic has released countless of music you can find through out ITunes, Spotify, and the Google Search Engine. Ib Mattic has been busy at work since the age of 7 becoming a megaton of an artist.

Ib Mattic is also premiering on the hit show “Music Saved My Life” with now HipHop mogul Misty Blanco aka Mysterious from Making The Band 2 which premiered on M.T.V with P Diddy. Misty Blanco has started a management and publicity firm which handles Ib Mattic’s publicity now.

Ib Mattic Instagram is highlighted with bars for the adults but understanding from the youth. Mo Sound Group and The Misty TV Firm Corporation is creating the proper lane to give this young Star a sight in the right direction Ib Mattic is becoming more than a HipHop artist but a Brand. Ib Mattic’s music is iconic and this young Star has a bright future ahead of him. With Ib Mattic approaching his 18th birthday the companies are planning a major album release party for Ib Mattic who’s known for his tag “Iboszn”

The likes of this young Star making the B.E.T Cypher is more than ideal. However seeing this young man get a “Moon” Award and becoming a M.T.V next pop star will just be the cherry on top to Ib Mattic’s success. Ib Mattic has worked with countless of artist from Treach to Kazzie Stoner, from Rick Ross, to Misty Blanco & Lil Boosie. Ib Mattic has proven each time he is the now and the future of HipHop.

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