Big Nuni – Artist of the Month (March 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Big Nuni” signed a exclusive management deal with new powerhouse “The Misty TV Firm Corp.” with owner and CEO “Misty Blanco” formerly known as Mysterious from P Diddy’s Making The Band 2 which premiered on M.T.V in the early 2000’s. Currently P Diddy is working on the new 2020 Making The Band with talks of Mysterious and old band members being a part of the show.

Misty Blanco rapper now turned executive believes in East Orange New Jersey native “Big Nuni”, and she and her company are working around the clock to break this new pop rap artist “Big Nuni”. On March 1st, 2020 The Misty TV Firm began “Big Nuni” radio campaign with hiphop rock track “IDGAF” which instantly soared the rock charts with more than 300 spins its first week of hitting the DRT Charts, along with single “Heart Breaker” with more than 500 spins during its first week of radio blast over the United States. Big Nuni made history in accumulating over 1,000 spins in the first week for breaking on mainstream DRT charts, causing Billboard to follow her two records closely.

Big Nuni is breaking charts only on her first week of introduction by The Misty TV Firm. Viacom networks are keeping a close eye on The Misty TV Firm for her hit show “Music Saved My Life” which displays upcoming and A list talent for interviews and performances. However Misty Blanco is making major noise with her artist “Big Nuni”. Billboard charts have a close eye on the new pop sensation “Big Nuni” and with powerhouse “The Misty TV Firm” behind her billboard reps says, “Big Nuni” will break the Billboard charts in no time.

Big Nuni is New Jersey’s new princess however her bars are nowhere near prissy, and with the new tycoon Misty Blanco behind her the industry has just found their next epidemic. Big Nuni makes history in breaking DRT Charts in one week.

Booking inquiries for “Big Nuni” contact: The Misty TV Firm 1 Rockefeller Center 10th & 11th Floors NY, NY 10020 (646)722-2885 @themistytv

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