Elijah sommerz | Canada First Entrepreneur and Rapper | HIP-HOP- Toronto

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Biography on Elijah sommerz
Origin: Canada, Micmac Heritage Jamaican & Grenadian-Heritage Background
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur & Businessman, Talent Manager
Birth name: Robert Vernon
Born on: December 22, 1991
Labels: J stone Management group & co -2016 Present – Affirmation-Record Label -undisclosed – Joint venture Based 2019
Genres: Hip-Hop, pop/R&B music, Hard-core Rap
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario.
Profession: Modern Canadian Entrepreneur, Businessman, Songwriter, Musical, Actor,
Executive producer, Web Tech Software Engineer- http://www.jstonemgmtgroup.com/
(-Independently Owned By EQT-)

History in the making:
SOMMERZ is a successful serial entrepreneur, investor, best-selling author, Canadian hip hop mogul and a talent manager. He was born in Toronto, Ontario , Canada. At age 24 he operated a first venture young in fresh design a t-shirt/clothing print business that flopped. He later went on to join an investment venture that is set to be the first of its kind in Canada. He also is working with an rising Talent Management Imprint based in Toronto Canada.
Elijah sommerz is a Noted Public Figure for social unconstitutional Justice Advocacy, Elijah Sommerz is the First Afrocentric Canadian Elected to independently to conduct a convocation with the United Nations Group Experts.

Music schedule led to be released:
Elijah Sommerz is scheduled to debut his music project late June of this year. Elijah sommerz fans are sure to look out for his next upcoming project. In person, Elijah sommerz – appears to be a normal kid form an urban city without all the (bling bling –chains, Elijah sommerz seems to be a down to earth type guy.

Before the fame:
Elijah Sommerz was a random victim of gun violence in late October 2011 his brother/ confidant NIGEL CAINE where both fatally shot on the night of October 21, 2011, Nigel Caine later succumbed to his injuries.
Elijah sommerz has furthered embarked on a career as a Full-Time Real Estate Portfolio location Investment Investor and Entrepreneur & businessman as well as an inspiring musician & Talent Manager.

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