MJ The Jeweler – Artist of the Month (January 2020)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The History behind MJ The Jeweler

MJ The Jeweler an upcoming superstar has paved the way for the younger generation. He has been proving his skillset, that he can provide the world with some original content, and great music that moves the youth. When, we heard MJ The Jeweler record “My Season” We were thrilled that the song was yet so good, and so current with today’s society. When he raps you can feel the emotion behind his music, and automatically recognize that this is a true artist. He comes from Pinewood Gardens which is a small community in Nassau Bahamas. He is currently residing in Florida. However he makes a big impression with his music. 

Getting to Know MJ The Jeweler

MJ The Jeweler gives the world inspirational music that moves and shapes society, and have people in tune with his sound. He is lyrically blessed, and that is what makes him standout from his competitors. When he was just a small child he knew he was going to be a Superstar. This was embedded in him to do music. He knew music was his calling in this world. This is what made him feel better and connected him to the world. Music shaped his life and motivated him to do nothing less than the best and deliver amazing content to the world and inspire others.

What Inspired MJ The Jeweler?

MJ is a very humble Hip Hop artist. He has been inspired by his mother and father. He saw their work ethic and saw that they worked very hard consistently non stop. He grew up with great parents that motivated him, and supported his craft of music, They were his supporters, letting him know that he can succeed with the determination and effort and will power to put nothing but the best content out to the world. MJ The Jeweler is a very talented artist. He has a humble mindset, he sets goals for himself and he is determined to win. We have not seen anything like this kid. He is a rare breed of success. 

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Facebook: POSTUPMJ

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